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Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizer Systems

Adwest Technologies' RETOX RTO Regenerative Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizer systems have provided industry with affordable,and cost effective air pollution solutions for control ofVOCs since 1988. Its RETOX RTO oxidizers have been installed successfully on over 550 applications since 1988, including paint spray, finishing, chemical, printing, web converting, coil coating, composites, plastics, coating and microelectronics processes from 500 scfm to over 220,000

Adwest also pioneered the successful application of RETOX RTOs for corrosive halogenated chemical processes since 1989 using various stainless and titanium alloy metallurgies for chemical, wastewater treatment and soil remediation applications. Other leadership firsts include the utilization of rapid one hour cold RTO startups, the use of flameless RTO combustion (provides virtually zero NOX byproducts), and development of simple low-cost RTO poppet valves with soft step seating to provide zero leakage. This allows the RETOX RTOs to achieve 99 percent and greater VOC DRE without the need for third chambers or puff boxes. A major advantage is its low ceramic heat transfer media pressure drop, saving up to 40 percent on RTO fan electric and natural gas usage. The virtual total shop assembly and compact, lowprofile modular design provides rapid installation schedules for clients. RETOX RTOs only require one fan to operate, not two or three fans that others require for operation, reducing maintenance time and costs.

Adwest's RETOX RTO Oxidizers provide industry with a specialized, focused RTO supplier that brings a proven, reliable, mature design with extremely low operating and energy costs, all at an affordable price for cost effective VOC compliance.

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