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Precision Micro Laser Welding Of Complex Medical Devices

LSA Laser offers precision micro laser welding of tubing, ribbon and round wire for use in a broad range of medical devices including defibrillation leads, stents, catheterization subassemblies and surgical instruments.

Providing complete laser welding services as well as cutting, assembly, marking and packaging, LSA complies with ISO 13485:2003 quality standards.

LSA offers welding of material shapes and sizes in round wire as small as .001 inch diameter, ribbon wire as small as .001 x .0025 inch, and tubing with wall thickness as thin as .0015 inch and diameters to .008 inch.

Laser weldable materials include Stainless Steels, Nitinol, Platinum, Titanium, Elgiloy, Nichrome, Invar, MP35N and others.

LSA welding processes allow for precision joining of components with little heat input into the part. This creates less distortion than most conventional welding processes resulting in higher accuracy and quality.

Founded in 1998, LSA provides quality components to leading medical device manufacturers throughout the United States. LSA is equipped with 16 major laser processing systems operated by highly trained and skilled technicians.

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Call 763-744-0246 for more information.

Or write to LSA Laser Services And Automation, 3650 Annapolis Lane, Suite 170, Plymouth, Minnesota 55447

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