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Napoleon Engineering Services Offering Bearing Qualification Inspection Programs

Source Qualification Inspection of domestic and imported bearings maximizes potential cost savings 
Olean, NY -September 2005- The volume of imported bearings and parts coming into the United States has increased significantly, having reached record levels in recent years.  While purchasing offshore bearings can pass on great cost savings down the line, how can the buyer and design engineers be sure that the alternate source does not results in expensive field replacement costs? Catastrophic bearing failure is an unfortunate but real possibility.  The best means of protecting cost savings is to verify the quality of your new supplier.  Napoleon Engineering Services (NES) is offering bearing inspection and bearing testing services for qualification of new sources of bearing products.

NES puts rolling bearings through an extensive program of verification - boundary and internal dimensional evaluation, visual inspection, seal efficiency, noise quality, material integrity tests.  The end result is an objective, comprehensive report that informs the client about the product quality and performance characteristics.

"Our Source Qualification Bearing Inspection programs allow us to determine the design intentions, manufacturing capability and quality of workmanship of the bearing manufacturer" says NES owner Chris Napoleon. "The information contained within our reports allows engineers to become educated about the design and construction of bearing products as well as informing them of any concerns regarding overall product quality that my affect their application.  To ensure smooth transitions of product sourcing and experience true cost savings, the Source Qualification Bearing Inspection program should be utilized any time a change in the plant of manufacture occurs." 

The process is simple and cost-effective. In as short a time as two weeks from delivery of bearings to delivery of the inspection report, the buyer's confidence and knowledge of sourced bearings, as well as protection of cost savings, can be ensured.

About Napoleon Engineering Services:
Napoleon Engineering Services, founded in 1997 in Olean, NY, is a privately-owned, one-stop shop for engineered bearing products, specializing in bearing inspection, bearing testing and custom bearing manufacturing. With a thorough understanding of bearing design, manufacturing, inspection, and testing, NES provides clients with a resource for all bearing needs.  NES can be reached at (877) 870-3200 >

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