Solder Joint - Lap Joint Calculation / Formula

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Solder lap joint equations for stress in tension, stress in shear, tensile stress in brazed joint.

Solder lap joint equations for stress intension

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Allowed Joint stress loading equation:

τA = SUS / ks

Joint shear stress equation:

τ = F / ( b · L )

Minimum overlap length of solder surface formula:

Lmin = F / ( b · τA )

Strength check of solder line:

τ ≤ τA

Optimum overlap length formula:

Anticipates that any breakage occurs in the joint itself, and not in the basic parts material equation:

Lopt = max {Lmin, L1 }


L1 = ( SUb · s ) / SUS


SU = joint strength in shear of solder [psi, MPa],
kS = shear safety coefficient factor (typically 2 or greater),
F = transferred force [lb, N],
b = width (minimum) of connected parts [in, mm],
s = thickness of connected parts (in, mm],
SUb = Tensile strength of basic part material in axial loading [psi, MPa],
L = Length of overlap (in, mm).,
L1 = Minimum length of over lap on parts strength (in, mm).


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