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Polyurethane is one of the most versatile, toughest, abrasion resistant elastomers available. Polyurethane is available as soft as Shore A scale durometer 10, and hard as Shore D scale durometer 90. Cast Polyurethanes may be processed to any desired color

Polyurethane may be cast into practically any shape, size or complex geometry desired wheels, gears , orings, gaskets, tires, roller blades, skate boards are just some of the many economical uses of tough, abrasion -resistant cast polyurethane parts.

Polyurethanes can be formulated with high-resistance to stresses and they tend to maintain shape and mechanical properties after fatigue stressing.

Other advantages of cast polyurethane:

  • Cast Polyurethane maybe pigmented to resist degradation by elevated atmospheric oxygen and ozone atmospheric concentrations. This makes them highly rugged when used with electrical equipment producing ozone.

  • Cast polyurethanes are commonly used to insulate or encapsulate.

  • Many cast polyurethane elastomers compounds remain flexible at extreme low temperatures and possess outstanding resistance to thermal shock.Low temperature resistance of polyurethanes make cast parts very practical in extreme arctic conditions.

  • Cast Polyurethane parts can be made flame resistant by incorporating flame retardants into their formulas.

  • Polyurethanes can be cast with coefficients of friction varying from very low, for items like bushings, bearings, or wear strips, or very high, for items like tires or rollers.

In general, designing for cast polyurethane is identical to designing for any plastic, molded or injection molded.

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