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Cylindrical Shaft and Maximum Torque Moment

Srength Mechanics of Materials

In solid mechanics, torsion is the twisting of an object due to an applied torque. It is expressed in newton millimeters (N·m) or inch-pound force (in·lbf). In sections perpendicular to the torque axis, the resultant shear stress in this section is perpendicular to the radius. 

Cylindrical Shaft Torque Hollow Shaft Max Torque

 Cylindrical Shaft and Maximum Torque Moment

Maximum moment applied to a cylindrical shaft:

Tmax = σmax Ip / R  


Tmax = maximum torque moment (N-mm, in-lb)
σmax = maximum shear stress (MPa, psi)
R = radius of shaft (mm, in)

Solid cylindrical shaft

Tmax = (π / 16) σmax D3        

Hollow cylindrical shaft

Tmax = (π / 16) σmax (D4 - d4) / D