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Specification for Rubber Gaskets

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Specification for Rubber Gaskets
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Standard: IS 11149

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Open: Specification for Rubber Gaskets

Prescribes requirements and tests for vulcanized rubber gaskets of four different types for various applications. Each type is divided into a number of classes in different hardness ranges.

Types-Vulcanized rubber gaskets shall be of four types depending upon the service conditions and applications, namely:

Type I - General purpose gaskets having superior physical properties.
Type II - General purpose gaskets having moderately good physical properties.
Type III - Oil resistant gaskets suitable for lubricating oil and fuels.
Type IV - Heat and oil resistant gaskets.

Polymer’-The polymer or blends of polymers shall be as given under each type. However, other polymers as agreed to between purchaser and supplier may be used provided all other test requirements are satisfied. All the constituent of the mix shall be free from foreign matter and grit.