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Gum Rubber is a versatile natural material used in a variety of products, applications and is cost-effective, resilient, and abrasion resistant. Gum rubber is resistant to most acids, salts, ammonia, and alkalis chemicals and is pliable, formable, supple, soft, flexible. This material is perfect for tubing, elastomers, squeegee's, ice machines, drums or rollers, garage door seals and in general is a excellent industrial skirting materials due to its excellent flexibility and high tensile strength. Gum rubber is a preferred choice for industrial applications that require a flexible elastomer with great compression set, flex-ability and chemical capabilities characteristics.

Gum Rubber It makes an excellent vacuum tubing because of its shape and size memory and tear resistance. Additionally, it is cold temperature resistant, maintains a high coefficient of friction during most applications.

Aside from a few natural product impurities, gum rubber is essentially a polymer of isoprene units, a hydrocarbon diene monomer. Synthetic rubbers can be made as a polymer of isoprene or various other monomers. The material properties of gum rubber classify it an elastomer and a thermoplastic, however when the material is vulcanized it will become a thermoset material. Gum rubber typically is vulcanized where it shares properties of both i.e. if it is heated and cooled it is degraded but not destroyed.

Gum Rubber Applications
Gum Rubber Tubing
Gum Rubber Tubing
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Gum Rubber Strip
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Gum Rubber Misc. Molded Parts
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Gum Rubber Sheet

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