Graphite Blocks and Rounds Application Review

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Graphite Blocks and Rounds Application Review

Graphite blocks are available in various sizes and grades. Graphite blocks are available up to and larger than 40" X 20" X 4". Graphite blocks are extruded or iso-molded. Grain size effects performance and is manufacturing process controlled.

Graphite blocks and rounds are used within the following products and applications:

  • Batteries
  • Electric Motor Brushes
  • Alternator / Generator brushes
  • Burner/Oxygen usage
  • Metallurgy
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Nuclear
  • Glass

Graphite Blocks
Courtesy ASP, Inc

Typical properties of Commercial Graphite Block and Rounds:


Coefficient Thermal Expansion 1.19 - 8.22 x 10-6 C
Modulus of Elasticity 7-15 GPa
Flexural Strength 6.8-110 MPa
Thermal Conductivity 24.0 - 480.0 x 10-6 W/mK
Specific Heat Capacity 700 - 840 J/kg.K
Resistivity - Electrical 5.0 x 10-6 - 29.0 x 10-6 (Ohms-m)
Grain - Typical Commercial Course - Medium - Fine - Ultra Fine

As always, Engineers Edge recommends consulting with graphite block suppliers for up to date specifications and application guidelines..

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