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Principal Von-Mises Stress Equations and Calculator

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Von Mises Stress

Principal stresses 2 dimensional plane stress Von-Mises Stress calculation.

The normal stresses are σxand σy and the shear stress is τxy .

Principal Stresses
Input Data
τxy =
σx =
σy =
\sigma_{1},\sigma_{2}= \frac{\sigma_{x} + \sigma_{y}}{2} \pm \sqrt{\left (\frac{\sigma_{x} - \sigma_{y}}{2}\right)^2 + \tau_{xy}^2}\,\!
σ1 = psi
σ2 = psi
\tau_{max},\tau_{min}= \pm \sqrt{\left (\frac{\sigma_{x} - \sigma_{y}}{2}\right)^2 + \tau_{xy}^2}\,\!
σ2 = psi
Von Mises Stress Criteria
\sigma_v = \sqrt{\sigma_1^2- \sigma_1\sigma_2+ \sigma_2^2 + 3\sigma_{12}^2}\!
σv = psi


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