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Bolt or Pin In Single Shear Equation and Calculator. Keep units consistant when performing calculations.

Single Shear Equation and Calculator

Bolt or Pin Single Shear Stress
Applied Force F (N, lbs) =
Bolt/Pin Diameter d (mm, in) =
Plate Thickness t (mm, in) =
Ultimate Stress (N/mm2, lbs/in2) = 
Factor of Safety = 
Section Area of Bolt/Pin (mm2, in2) =
Shear Stress ave Bolt/Pin (N/mm2, lbs/in2) =
Bearing Area Stress Bt (N/mm2, lbs/in2 =
Allowable Stress (N/mm2, lbs/in2) =

Shear Stress Equation Single Shear

Shear Stress Average = Applied Force / Area
Shear Stress ave.= F/( π r 2)
Shear Stress ave.= 4F/( π d 2)

Shear Stress ave = ( N/mm2, lbs/in2)
F = Applied Force (N, Lbs)
π = pi or (3.14157)
r = Radius (mm, in.)
d = Diameter (mm, in.)

Bearing Area Stress Equation for Plate and Bolt or Pin

Bt= F / (t d)

Bt = Bearing Area Stress Area ( N/mm2, lbs/in2)
F = Applied Force (N, lbs)
t = Thickness (mm, in)
d = Diameter (mm, in)

Factor of Safety

Factor of Safety = F.S = ultimate stress / allowable stress


allowable stress = ultimate stress / F.S.


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