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MIcro machining
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Posted by: itempea

08/24/2010, 08:26:13

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Hello fellow manufacturers,

we are trying to get ready for the micro-machining of a 2x1.5x1.5 mm part out of a proprietary Cu alloy. We'll need to do 1x112 microns hole with tight tolerances, chamfering plus 3 slots, out of which one has tight positional tolerances.

The thing is everything works fine with the improvised machines we have, but in prototyping conditions. Now we need to go to mass production, hence the need to multiply the productivity by 1k. So we need professional machines, eventually on a single frame, with automatic feed and so on.

Do you know of any company specializing in custom micro-machining equipment that could assist in designing and manufacturing of the equipment we need?

Thank you,

Ioan Tempea, P.E
Digico Inc
Laval, QC Canada

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