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Metal Stamping Manufacturing Review

Metal Stamping manufacturing is the process of creating metal parts by applying extreme pressure to a blank piece on metal and forming the metal into a desired shape. The stamping machine incorporates a specially made form or die which gives the stamped part shape.

Most metals may manufactured using the stamped process these include:

  • Aluminum (most alloys)
  • Brass
  • Steel, Cold rolled
  • Copper
  • Steel, Galvanized
  • Steel, Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Zinc

Machines used in stamped manufacturing range from a simple hand press or hydraulic press, to the much larger machines referred to as drop hammers. All stamping machines incorporate a form or die to give the stamped metal the desired shape.

Stamping manufacturing processes include the following specific manufacturing processes or techniques:

  • Fine Blanking
  • Deep Drawing
  • Multislide Stamping
  • Fourslide Stamping
  • Wireforming
  • Progressive Stamping

The stamping manufacturing process in very capable of high production runs. Depending on the complexity of the part, and additional manufacturing steps ( progressive stamping ) required for the final part, will drive the effective cost-per-part of stamping manufacturing. Typical stamping speeds do vary, however many high production stamping manufacturers are capable of 30 to 80 stamping stokes per minute.

Dimensional tolerances of metal parts manufactured by stamping, should be carefully considered. Most experienced metal stamping manufacturers should be able to achieve +/- .010 for most features. Precision stampings or precision stamped features on stamped parts are possible without post machining or additional manufacturing steps. Precision stamping is process controlled, and collaborative design and engineering is required with the stamping manufacturer to achieve tight tolerances ( contact your vendor ).

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