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Louvers HVAC / Industrial Review

Louvers are very simular to dampers, except that the slats or vanes are manufactured at a fixed non-adjustable angle. Louvers are normally installed into a wall or other location to provide positive ventilation for a room or enclodes area.

Louvers are available in all shapes, sizes and flow capatibilities. Typically, louvers are made from sheet metal. Materials typically used are aluminum,or galvanized steel.

Background: A louver (American English) or louvre (British English), a derivative of the French word "l'ouvert" or "the open one") is a blind, window cover, or shutter with horizontal or vertical slats. The slats are designed at an angle that allows air to circulate\ within the room but not allow rain or direct sunshine. The angle of the slats are often adjustable or at a fixed angle.

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