Limited Dimension Drawings LDD, Critical Feature Drawings CFD

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The following Limited Dimensioning Drawings LDD, also called Critical Feature Drawings CFD presentation requires a paid premium monthly or annual membership for access.

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Limited Dimension Drawing

  • CAD Digital Product Definition and Solid Modeling
    • Definitions, process and lifecycle
    • Organizational Benefits
    • Case Study
  • Applicable Standards
    • ASME Y14.41 Standard
    • ISO 16792 Standard
    • Technical Data Package Delivery Scenarios
  • Organizational Requirements Engineering Deliverables
    • Model and Engineering Drawing as Design Deliverable
    • Drawing as Design Deliverable
    • Annotated CAD Model Digital Data as Design Deliverable
    • LDD Notes and Declarations.
    • Quality Assurance Requirements and Application
    • Change Notice Application
  • Organizational Effects
    • Engineering Design
    • Manufacturing, Inspection
    • Assembly Processes
  • Challenges and Myths
  • LDD Integration Requirements and Suggestions

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