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ASHRE refrigerant trade names, chemical composition, and application table.

ASHRAE (Trade Name)
Components (Weight %)
Charged (%)
Very Low Temperature and Cascade Refrigeration (R-13 and R-503 type)
R-23 pure 95% R-13 systems can retrofit to R-23 (but sufferhigher heat at discharge) or R-508B (but the pressures are different). R-503 systems should use R-508B. R-13B1 systems can operate with R-403B, but often in vacuum conditions.
R-508B SUVA® 95 * 23/116 13: 105-110% 503: 90-95%
R-403B 290/22/218 (5/56/39) N/A
Low-Medium Temperature Refrigeration (R-502 type)
R-22 pure 100-105% Overall Concerns: Discharge temperature is important -can't tolerate large increase. Higher discharge pressure can affect controls. Oil return is traditionally a problem in 502 low temp. Most blends are very low glide (no problems). Retrofit Recommendations (in order of preference based on performance/ease of use): R-408A Closest match to R-502 properties and performance. Slightly higher d is. Temp.
R-402A (HP 80) 125/290/22 (60/2/38) 95-100%
R-402B (HP 81) 125/290/22 (38/2/60) 95-100% R-422A Use with existing oils. R-402A Higher discharge pressure, lower discharge temperature than 408A.
R-404A (HP62,FX70) 125/143a/134a (44/52/4) 85-90% R-402B Similar discharge pressure, higher discharge pressure. Good for ice machines. All retrofit blends should consider oil change to AB in order to improve oil circulation. R-404A or R-507 can be used to retrofit, however mineral oil must be flushed, POE used. R-22 Refrigeration Options R-404A or R-507 can be used to retrofit, howev er mineral oil must be flushed, POE used, and system components (valves, etc.) may need to be changed.
R-408A (FX 10) 125/143a/22 (7/46/47) 85-90%
R-422A 125/134a/600a (85.1/11.5/3.4) 90-95% R-422A Lower temperatures with existing oils. Use 404A valves. R-417A Warmer temps with existing oils.
Long Term HFC Options R-404A and R-507 Off the shelf equipment, interchangeable with each other. (POE)
R-507 (AZ 50) 125/143a (50/50) 85-90%
Low-Medium Temperature Refrigeration (R-12 type)
R-22 pure N/A Overall Concerns: Match R-12 evaporator conditions (slightly higher discharge pressures OK). Oil return must be addressed. Temperature glide not a problem in most applications. Retrofit Recommendations (in order of preference based on performance/ease of use): R-409A Better at lower temperatures, maintains performance, higher discharge T and P.
R-134a pure 90%
R-401A (MP 39) 22/152a/124 (53/13/34) 80-85% R-414B Better at warmer temperatures, lower discharge temp than 409A. R-401A Good overall performance, need AB oil below 30F coil temps.
R-401B (MP 66) 22/152a/124 (61/11/28) 80-85% R-416A Biggest change in properties, poor low temp performance NRI does not carry: R-406A Very similar to R-414B. Freeze 12, Freezone, RB 276: Similar to 416A (134a based, not good in low temp)
R-409A (FX 56) 22/124/142b (60/25/15) 80-85%
Medium-High Temperature Refrigeration (R-12 type)
R-414B (HOT SHOT) 22/600a/124/142b (50/1.5/39/9.5) 80-85% Overall Concerns: Higher application temps will drive up head pressure and discharge temp. These blends will lessen the abuse on the system but cost some capacity. Retrofit Recommendations (in order of NRI preference based on performance/ease of use) :
R-416A (FRIGC FR12) 134a/124/600 (59/39/2) 90-95% R-414B, 416A Lower, or no, R-22 cuts down on discharge temperature/pressure. R-401A, R-401B, R-409A for R-12 or R-500 air conditioning (direct expansion systems)
Air Conditioning (R-22 type)
R-407C 32/125/134a (23/25/52) 95-100% Overall Concerns: R-22 availability and price make retrof itting a less attractive option, however it is possible to use R-407C (POE flush) or R-417A for retrofitting. New Equipment is being design ed around R-410A (higher efficiency models), although it is possible that the R-22 "look alike" blends may be used also. Decision time frame depends on the new Energy Efficiency guidelines from DOE. (Residential, 2006)
R-410A (AZ 20) 32/125 (50/50) N/A
R417A 125/134a/600 (46.6/50/3.4) 95-100%
High Ambient and Centrifugal Chillers
R-124 pure N/A R-114 high ambient AC can use R-124 or very large R-134a systems. Centrifugal chillers require major equipment upgrades to retrofit to another refrigerant. Chiller manufacturers will need to be consulted for such jobs.
R-123 pure N/A

*SUVA® 95 is a Registered Trademark of DuPont

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