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Radiant Heat Parallel Plates Equation and Calculator

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Net radiant heat exchange for two isothermal (constant temperature) parallel flat black plates of equal size equation and calculator. 

Heat Loss From an Insulated Electric Wire Equation and Calculator

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The heat flow (q) from the plate is calculated as:

q = 56.69 x 10-9 x VF(1-2) x A x (T14 - T24 )

Where 56.69 x 10-9 is the average Stefan-Bolzmann constant, A is the area of the plate, T1 is the plate 1 temperature and T2 is the plate 2 temperature. The view factor VF(1-2) (also known as radiation shape factor, angle factor, and configuration factor) is defined as:

radiation shape factor


x = L / D
y = W / D
L = Plate Length (m)
W = Plate Width (W)
D = Spacing (m)
T1 = Plate 1 Temperature (K)
T2 = Plate 2 Temperature (K)
VF = View Factor
q = Radiated Heat Flow (W)


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