Partially Full Pipe Flow Calculations  -  U.S. Units      
II. Calculation of Discharge, Q, and average velocity, V      
    for pipes more than half full      
Instructions:  Enter values in blue boxes.  Calculations in yellow      
Pipe Diameter, D =   in        
Depth of flow, y =   in        
       (must have y > D/2)              
Full Pipe Manning              
roughness, nfull =            
Channel bottom              
  slope, S =   ft/ft        
                 n/nfull  =            
Partially Full Manning              
roughness, n =            
  Pipe Diameter, D = ft        
  Pipe Radius, r = ft        
  Circ. Segment Height, h = ft        
  Central Angle, q = radians        
  Cross-Sect. Area, A = ft2         
  Wetted Perimeter, P = ft        
  Hydraulic Radius, R = ft        
  Discharge, Q = cfs        
  Ave. Velocity, V = ft/sec        
        pipe % full [(A/Afull)*100%] =