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Engineering Applications Of Fluid Mechanics

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Engineering Applications Of Fluid Mechanics
Department of Aeronautical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Engineering Applications Of Fluid Mechanics
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This book has grown out of some 12 years' experience with a course in fluid mechanics for an undergraduate class in the mechanical engineering department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The controlling importance of flow phenomena in nearly every type of machine and process led to the conversion of a traditional course in hydraulics into a more fundamental treatment of the action of fluids generally. The authors were more anxious that the student understand flow phenomena that he be familiar with details of many practical devices. They attempted to give unity to the subject by the careful development, at an adult level, of the mechanics of fluids and to provide interest and utility by condensed treatment of selected types of engineering application.

I Introductory Survey 1
II Static's 15
III Kinematics and Continuity 54
IV Dynamics of an Ideal Fluid G2
V Energy Relations for Steady Flow 79
VI Momentum Relations for Steady Flow 87
VII Dimensional Analysis and Similitude 98
VIII Incompressible Flow in Closed Conduits 122
IX Compressibility Phenomena
X Drag 182
XI Wing Theory 217
XII Hydrodynamic Lubrication 278
XIII Boundary Lubrication 315
XIV Hydraulic Turbines 341
XV Pumps, Fans, and Compressors 360
XVI Propellers and Jets 381
XVII Fluid Couplings and Torque Converters 404
XVIII Hydraulic Transmissions and Controls 414