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Series and Parallel Pump Spreadsheet Calculator

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Series and Parallel Pump Spreadsheet Calculator
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Preview: Series and Parallel Pump Spreadsheet Calculator

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How the Worksheet Works

The Series / Parallel Calculator allows you to view the performance of two pumps when operating in series or parallel. In the case of series operation, the plot may be of two pumps or one pump and the existing static pressure at its suction. In the case of parallel operation, you can view the performance of two identical pumps or two pumps of similar flow but differing heads. The plots generated for pumps operating in series and identical pumps operating in parallel are exact. By exact, I mean that the generated curve is a direct result of the two curves that were entered. The plot generated for similar pumps operating in parallel is a close approximation of their actual performance. You will note that the final point on the resulting curve will often exceed the sum of the two maximum flows for the curves entered. This anomaly occurs due to the method used by xcel to calculate the resulting flows and heads of similar pumps. It is explained in detail in the "Example" provided.

Results calculated:

  • Series Pump Operation graph showing gallons per minute, head
  • Parallel operation of identical pumps, Head vs Gallons per minute
  • Parallel operation of similar pumps, Head in ft vs gallons per minute
  • High and low gauss
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