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Canadian Seismic Design Steel Structures

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Canadian Seismic Design of Steel Structures Spreadsheet Calculator

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Section 1: Area of equivalent diagonal brace for plate wall analysis (Walls).
Section 2: Design of link in eccentrically braced frames (EBF).
Section 3: Design of Bolted Unstiffened End Plate Connection (BUEP).
Section 4: Design of Bolted Stiffened End Plate Connection (BSEP).
Section 5: Design of Reduced Beam Section Connection (RBS).
Section 6: Force reduction factor for friction-damped systems (Rd_friction).
Valid beam sections for moment-resisting connections (B_sections).
Valid column sections for moment-resisting connections (C_sections).
Valid bolt types for moment-resisting connections (Bolts).
Database of properties of all sections (Sections Table).

  • Links are the energy dissipating elements in eccentrically braced frames.
  • The link beam must be class 1.
  • The probable yield strength of the beam is usually taken as 350 MPa.
  • The resistance factor is equal to 0.9 for structural steel.
  • The length of the link must not less than its depth.
  • Refer to figures to define element dimensions.
  • Specify whether the link to be designed corresponds to case "1" or "2" shown in the figures.
  • When calculating the spacing between intermediate stiffeners, there are four possible cases to distribute them.
  • Design procedure is in accordance with CAN/CSA S16-01.
  • Section properties are obtained from the page "Sections Table".
  • Enter data in yellow cells.


Canadian Seismic Design of Steel Structures Spreadsheet Calculator

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