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2D CAD system for DOS, OS/2, WINDOWS 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP and Linux. Menu and commend line driven functions. - Free

Design Workshop Lite
Home design free software- Create home concept, interiors, production design, landscape design 3D capable.

POV-Ray is a high-quality free software tool for creating 3D graphics. It is avaialble fro LInux, WIndoxa, OS/MAC. Source code is available.

MINOS is a free 3D modeling software package which tuns under Windows. Capabilites include: Lines constructions, 3D constructions, 3D Solid and Surface Features, Drafting, IGES interface, Mesh, VRML and Boolean operations.

Design Workshop
CAD software for 3D modesl, images, walkthroughs made from sketch type presentations

CADSTD is a 2-D CAD program is a free engineering drawing software. This program is adequate for simple mechanical drawings.

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