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Thread: about to start my engineering course, what should I do?

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    about to start my engineering course, what should I do?

    Greeting engineers I am a mechanical engineering student at Brunel university in London, I am starting my course in 3 days and want want to have a flourishing career in robotics working in the best robotics companies in the world like Boston dynamics, i'm in a not so good university top 40 in the country I believe, what should I do now to set myself up to be able to get a good internship eventually and or get a good job?

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    You sound like me 55 years ago. I knew I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, and my dream job was to work with the Disney "Robotronics" team that designed the Disney Hall of Presidents. Never got to work for Disney (THANK GOD!!!), but I have worked on some truly intriguing and amazing projects.

    One of the things I have learned is that automation is automation, whether some marketing guru wants to call it "robotics" or not. That's really all that robotics is - a combination of mechanical and electrical principles that produces desired motions, automation. Just like the current tech buzzword - A.I. Computer programming is computer programming no matter what kind of fancy name some journalist might want to apply.

    Automation is applied to some extent in ALL ********** now. Some of the most amazing "robotics" I have seen is in some high speed automatic assembly lines. Pick a field (generally either mechanical or electrical) and get really good at it!

    Another little word of advice - learn to look at your whole life as a learning experience. My father (an engineer with over 30 patents himself) told me on my graduation from college: "Now that your academics are behind you, your education can truly BEGIN."

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