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Thread: Stamping Grade 2 Titanium

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    Stamping Grade 2 Titanium

    I'm working on a project that requires us to produce a rather complex geometry from titanium grade 2. I assume stamping is the best bet in this case, but I'm concerned that it might be difficult given the strong mechanical properties of titanium. The real question I have is something like this possible with stamping? If not, what process would be best? We are already producing these parts via machining, looking to move away from this to a cheaper more mass producible process.

    See the attached images of the approx intended design.
    Also, just to note there are no rad's included in the CAD but obviously they would be needed.
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    Titanium grade 2, while known for its strength, is actually quite soft, low in modulus, and very notch sensitive, which can affect the stamping process. Exchanger plates, which have similar complex geometries, are often press formed from titanium—a process akin to stamping but executed more slowly to maintain flatness.

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    I'd laser mark it personally.

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