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Thread: Structure analysis of a triangle sructure

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    Structure analysis of a triangle sructure


    So today I have been working on a triangular structure calculating basic forces as reaction and some internal axial loads, in the study, two beams came to have no forces at all, so I was wondering since they don't apply any internal force if they could be removed, if it's possible does will the structure change?

    Thanks for the help.

    Ps: Sorry if my handwriting isn't well understood.
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    Your calculations are statically indeterminate and ignore real world deflections. Moreover, structures are never build in perfect orientation nor are structural members perfect. Thus, some loading/forces will transfer to adjoining structural members.
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    Thanks for the help, initially this is an assignment that has been handed to us (still at college), thus for us to understand it, the primary study has been neglecting the real word.

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