So as the title says, I am a college student that needs to interview a professional in my field, which is material engineering, for a report. If you would like to help private message me with your contact information and answers to the following questions. Thanks for your help.

1.State your name, current position, company and educational background.

2.Do you enjoy your position and why?

3.How many hours do you work a week?

4.What credentials did you have in order to make it this far in your career?

5.How much experience does one need for an entry level position in this field?

6.What are the benefits of having this job?

7.How often do you have to travel?

8.How much public speaking is required and what kind?

9.How hard is it to find a job in this field?

10.Is this a stable career field?

11.Please name a difficult part of your job?

12.Is there any room for advancement?

13.What sort of projects are you involved in?

14.May I contact you if I have further questions?