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Thread: Scissors Lift Equations??

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    This looks ok but doesn't deal with lift frame weight. Here are some alternate papers that might be better.

    An excellent reference for a more detailed proof is from a paper: ”Mathematical Analysis of Scissor Lifts” by H. M. Spackman

    Attachment 957

    He also wrote a paper “Mathematical Analysis of Actuator Forces in a Scissor Lift”

    Attachment 958

    I went through these two papers. I have a few questions from "Mathematical Analysis of Actuator Forces in a Scissor Lift".

    In the Introduction, the author mentioned that the paper is to present the equations for the more general case rather than assuming that one or both of the actuator ends lie along the longitudinal axis of the scissor member. On page 9, the author took two points A and B to derive the equation for l. From Figure 3, it looks like A and B can be any point on the arms and the actuator is a linear actuator. How do I modify the equation stated in this paper to match the following case?

    If I use a DC gear motor to turn the screw thread which in turns changes the height of the platform and the motor is attached to the dial like the one shown in the photo rather than attached to the arms.

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    We envisioned both ends of stage 1 moving along a slotted U channel on rollers thus restricting its movement both vertically and horizontally.

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    Normally in a scissor lift, one floor support will be pivoted, and one will be rolling, like in attachment. But your diagram appears to have both

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    Hello everyone I am working on an Vertical lift (Dual mast Vertical Lift ) I don't know how to calculate the design calculation and their dynamic calculation for if if the lift is in the move. I Know that its easy to structural analysis in Catia or CAD Software but I want to manually calculate the design calculation can anyone help me with some solution or any research reference

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    For a scissor lift Force required to lift the load is dependent on, Angle of link with horizontal Mounting of cylinder on the links Length of link. Formula used Where W = Load to be lifted S= a2 + L2 -2aL*cos α S = Distance between end points of cylinder.

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