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Thread: Just can't decide:Military or normal civil engineering bachelor

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    Just can't decide:Military or normal civil engineering bachelor

    Hey engineers,
    I have just finished my school and aiming to join university in September ,Thanks to God,I have got very good marks that allow me to join any Engineering university here in Egypt ,At first I didn't have any problems with my decision until I had received an invitation (free scholarship) to join the Military Technical college (civil engineering department) which will give me a bachelor in civil engineering but i will have to work only in the armed forces constructions with an opportunity to have some courses abroad (with my fees paid by the army but according to their choice) ,What makes me more confused is that the army here do not give very good salaries (ranging from 700$ to 1000$ per month) (but they give a lot of bonuses including free hospitals/transportation/housing/clubs....) ,On the other hand,the normal engineering bachelor will let me work freely anywhere

    PS: I have to make my selection before August 1st.......need your help asap!
    Ps 2 :the normal university I was aiming to join was ranged from the first 800 colleges in the world but i have to pay all the fees (no scholarship)
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    That's a good old balancing act right there.

    Military - Free education and social expenses but no choice as to what you get to study; that'll depend on what the army needs you to be at the time. You will also get limited project experience compared to the private sector.

    Normal route to degree - Debt.

    I undertook my degree (Civils) once I'd left the armed forces and I'm glad I did. I can honestly say that I have never been bored at work, unlike a few of my military counterparts.

    It can be a good way of working towards professional status but I think, if I were to be an army engineer, I'd choose mechanical over civil engineering.

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