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Thread: Best Program for Building Energy Simulation

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    Best Program for Building Energy Simulation

    Hey guys,

    For my ME senior design project, I'm trying to show the current air flow in a cold-storage warehouse from their air distribution system. From there, I would like to show how more fans, etc throughout the warehouse will improve air flow and hopefully cool the product faster. However, I'm new to eQuest and I'm having trouble figuring this out. Any tips? Or would ANSYS work better for this type of application??

    In the end, I would love to have two pictures. Both show a model of the warehouse and all of the rack and pallets and boxes and how the air flows around the room now vs. how it would look with more fans.


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    Best Energy Modeling Software Packages

    • EnergyPlus+OpenStudio+Trimble Sketchup.
    • TRACE 700.
    • Carrier HAP.
    • IES VE.
    • DesignBuilder.
    • eQUEST.
    • TRNSYS.

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