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Thread: Tolerance stack up for Interferance fit.

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    Question Tolerance stack up for Interferance fit.

    Hi All,

    This is Shrinivas from Pune, India.

    I have one query about the Boundary Assembly Stackup..

    Can we apply the Boundary Assembly Stackup to the interference fits joints with using the same rule for the clearance fit?

    (Asking as getting the calculation values negative)

    Thanks & Regards
    Shrinivas Jayphalkar

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    The procedure to temper your material is nonmaterial.
    Specify the materials end temper and other characteristics that you need in your end item and let manufacturing worry about how to get there.
    No, there should not be any offset or clearance to account for between the interference fit components. The clearance variable is zero.

    Also, the nominal sizes of the mating interference components ~ could be declared line-to-line if you choose to not see the negative fit number.

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