Copper Plating Specification Mil-C-14550

Copper Plating Specification Mil-C-14550

C110 - (Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper)  has the highest degree of electrical conductivity of any metal except silver..  C110 Silver flash has an additional .000005" thick silver flash to further enhance electrical conductivity.  Good for drawing, forming and spinning operations. Can be cold-worked or hot-formed and is suitable for welding and soldering.

C102/C110 Coper Condutor Wire - Copper is the "standard" metal used for electrical conductors. Copper has extremely high electrical conductivity, surpassed only by pure silver and it has excellent tensile, solderability and corrosion characteristics.

C102 is an oxygen free (OF) copper that has better drawing and resistance to hydrogen embrittlement than C110 (ETP). OF copper contains less dissolved oxygen than ETP, which gives OF its performance advantage. In most applications, ETP is an acceptable conductor material and is more economical than OF copper.

Both OF and ETP copper conductors are available bare or plated with silver, nickel or tin.

MIL-C-14550, MILITARY SPECIFICATION: COPPER PLATING (ELECTRODEPOSITED) (02 DEC 1983) [S/S BY SAE-AMS2418]., This specification covers electrodeposited copper plating on metal surfaces

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