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Water Supply Treatment Plant Design Spreadsheet Calculator Plant Design Spreadsheet Calculator

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Water Supply Treatment Plant Design Spreadsheet Calculator

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This spreadsheet includes the following calcualtions:

  • Water system demand
  • Water standards physical and chemical
  • Comparison of Given Data & Standard Data and Treatment Proposed
  • Design of Intake Well
  • Design of Pen Stock & Bell Mouth Strainer
  • Design of Gravity Main
  • Design of Jack Well
  • Design Of Pumping System
  • Design of Rising Main
  • Treatment Units - Design Of Aeration Unit
  • Design Of Chemical House & Calculation Of Chemical Dose
  • Lime - Soda Process
  • Design Criteria for Mechanical Rapid Mix Unit
  • Design Of Clariflocculator
  • Design Of Rapid Gravity Filter
  • Design Of Disinfection Unit

Preview (Design Water Demand)

Preview (Design Water Demand)

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