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Design Concrete Slab NZ Standards Spreadsheet Calculator

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Design of Concrete Slab on Grade according to New Zealand Standards Spreadsheet Calculator

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This spreadsheet has been designed to accommodate gravity loads which are typically present on industrial floor slabs. Spread sheets are provided for load layouts comprising of- single rows of warehouse racks, rack which are placed back to back, and forklift wheel loads. Other load layouts can be accommodated by manual combination of the stresses associated with individual load points. A spreadsheet is provided for single point loads to assist in this.

Background: The background theory for this excel spreadsheet is covered in the CCANZ publication " Concrete Ground Floors & Pavements for Commercial & Industrial Use Part 2- Specific Design." It is recommended that users of this programme read this document which is obtainable form the Cement and Concrete Association of NZ phone Wellington 04 4998820. An important assumption to note is that the spreadsheet assumes tensile stresses due to restrained shrinkage are negligible.


Concrete Parameters

Rack Loads

Back to Back Loads

Concrete Wheel Loads

Point Loads

Wheel Loads


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