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Wet and Dry Steam Mass and Volume Fraction Calculator

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Wet and Dry Steam Mass and Volume Fraction Calculator

Steam is a gaseous form of water-air vapor and there are two forms, wet steam and dry steam. Steam is when all of the steam is in a vapor form and is considered wet when there are tiny liquir particles suspended in the mass of the dry vapor. WAter can be converted to steam by the the application of heat energy however not all water may be converted into dry steam - vs a percentage of wet steam is present.

The dryness fraction of wet steam is utilized to quantify the amount of water dropletts within the steam.

The Quality x of steam condensate can be defined as:

Eq. 1
x = mVAP / ( mLIQ + mVAP )


mVAP = mass of saturated vapor to condensate
mLIQ = mass of saturated liquid to condensate

The Volume Fraction Vc of the vapor in the condensate is expressed as:

Eq. 2
Vc = VVAP / ( VLIQ + VVAP )


VVAP = volume of saturated vapor in condensate
VLIQ = volume of saturated liquid in condensate


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