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Vacuum Pressure Units Conversion Calculator

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Vacuum Pressure Units Conversion From Torr to Various Units Calculator

On the dials of most pressure gauges, atmospheric pressure is assigned the value of zero. Vacuum measurements must have a value of less than zero. Negative gauge pressure is the difference between the system vacuum pressure and atmospheric pressure. Absolute pressure is the pressure (in psia) above a perfect vacuum and is equal to atmospheric pressure less negative gauge pressure.

Other vacuum units are atmospheres, torr, and micrometers. To calculate atmospheres, divide absolute pressure in psia by 14.7. A torr is 1/760 of an atmosphere, and a micrometer is 0.001 torr.


Pressure Torr Equivalent
0.0010 torr = 1 micrometer of mercury (µm Hg)
0.0075 torr = 1 pascal (Pa)
0.7501 torr = 1 millibar (mbar)
1.000 torr = 1 mm mercury (mm Hg)
1.868 torr = 1 in. water at 4°C (in. H2O)
25.40 torr = 1 in. mercury (in. Hg)
51.71 torr = 1 lb/in2 (psi)
735.6 torr = 1 tech. atmosphere (at)
750.1 torr = 1 bar
760.0 torr = 1 standard atmosphere (atm)

Vacuum Pressure Units Conversion Graphic

Reference: ASPE