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Truss Bridge Loading 2D Design Calculator Tool

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Truss Bridge Loading 2D Design Calculator Tool

This is a truss design and optimization tool can create simple 2D trusses and simulate a distributed load.

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Truss Bridge Loading 2D Design Calculator Tool

Real-time simulation feedback shows the user how to adjust the positions of the nodes to minimize the volume of material used in the beams of the truss (proportional to Σ | Fi Li | for all beams i in the structure). As you drag a node, a pink arrow indicates the direction of the gradient around the node's current position. Move nodes in the direction of the gradient to minimize the total material volume. The gradient is calculated numerically by sampling the space around the selected node's current position, the step size of this sampling is controlled by "Gradient Step Size".

Basic Instructions:

  • Define bridge length
  • Maximum forces, vehicle weight etc.
  • Define number of desired nodes
  • Connect nodes with member
  • Start simulation
  • Move distributed load onto truss bridge
  • Optimize as require
  • Export
  • Select and save to text file node data.

Default configuration can be loaded with "Load Default Truss" selection




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