Engineers Edge

Truss Builder And Calculator Solver


  • Controls
    • Use keyboard keys 1-4 to quickly switch tools.
    • Add Node: Click the screen to add nodes. Right-click a node to delete it, drag to move it.
    • Add Member: Drag between nodes to add members. Right-click a member to delete it.
    • Add Support: Click on nodes to toggle the type of support. (pin, horizontal roller, vertical roller)
    • Add Load: Click and drag nodes to create loads. Click a node to remove loads.
    • When the system is solvable, computed forces will appear on the screen.
  • Compatibility: Tested in Firefox 3.6, Safari 5.1, Chrome 15.
    Internet Explorer 8 and below is not supported.
  • Tips
    • Snapping is on by default. Hold down SHIFT to disable temporarily.
    • Positive member forces are in tension, negative indicates compression.

Examples (click to load)