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Toggle Clamp Equations and Calculator

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Toggle Clamp Equal Length Arms Equations and Calculator

A link mechanism commonly known as a toggle joint is applied to machines of different types, such as drawing and embossing presses, stone crushers, etc., for securing great pressure. The principle of the toggle joint is shown by Fig. 1. There are two links, b and c, which are connected at the center. Link b is free to swivel about a fixed pin or bearing at d, and link e is connected to a sliding member e. Rod f joins links b and c at the central connection. When force is applied to rod f in a direction at right angles to center-line xx, along which the driven member e moves, this force is greatly multiplied at e, because a movement at the joint g produces a relatively slight movement at e. As the angle α becomes less, motion at e decreases and the force increases until the links are in line.

Toggle Clamp


Toggle Clamp Free Body Diagram
Figure 2

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2P sinα = F cosα


P = ( F cosα ) / ( 2 sinα )


F = ( 2P sinα ) / cosα


P = Reaction force / resistance (N, lbs)
F = Applied Force (N, lbs)
α = Angle (deg.)

Reference: Machinys Handbook, 27th Edition