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Simple Band Brake Configuration 1 Force Equation and Calculator

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Simple Band Brake Configuration #1 Force Equation and Calculator

Simple Band Brake Configuration #1 Force Equation and Calculator

Preview: Simple Band Brake Configuration #1 Force Calculator

For clockwise rotation:

For clockwise rotation

For counter clockwise rotation:

For counter clockwise rotation:




F = force in pounds at end of brake handle,
P = tangential force in pounds at rim of brake wheel,
e = base of natural logarithms = 2.71828,
µ = coefficient of friction between the brake band and the brake wheel,
θ = angle of contact of the brake band with the brake wheel, expressed in radians (one radian = 57.296 degrees),
a = length as specified in inches,
b = length as specified in inches.

Coefficient of friction, typical:

Iron on Iron = 0.25 to 0.3
Leather on Iron = 0.2
Cork on Iron = 0.35


Machinerys Handbook, 27th Edition 

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