Pressure Vessel Wall Thickness of Longitudinal Shells With Internal Pressure Applied Calculator

Pressure Vessel Design and Calculators

This calculator determines the thickness of a circumferential shell with an internal pressure applied: Typical applications are propane tanks, compressed air storage tanks etc.

The "Joint Efficiency" reflects your confidence in the welded seam areas of the as-manufactured pressure vessel.

Note: When Thickness does not exceed one-half of the inside radius, or P does not exceed 1.25SE, use the following calculator.

Longitudinal Shells With Internal Pressure

Thickness of Longitudinal Shells Under Internal Pressure:

Design Variables:

(P) = Design Pressure (internal) (psi) =

(R) = Inside radius of shell under consideration (in.) =

(S) = Maximum Allowable Stress value (psi) =

(E) Weld Joint Efficiency (80% = .80) =

Minimum required wall  thickness of shell (inches) =