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Power Take-Off (PTO) Equations and Calculators

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Power Take-Off (PTO) on Transfer Case Rotational Speed Per Distance Traveled (meter) Equations and Calculators


If the power take-off is operating on the transfer case and its operation is distance-dependent, its rotational speed nN is given in revolutions per meter of distance covered. It is calculated from the following:

The distance s in meters covered per revolution of the power take-off (reciprocal value of nN) is calculated with:

Distance per revolution, power take-off on the transfer case:


nN = Power take-off rotational speed, in rpm
iA = Final drive gear ratio
iV = Transfer case gear ratio
r = Tire radius = 2 π r (m)
U = Tire circumference, (m) Typ. On-road = 1.007, typ. off-road = 1.652
s = Distance travelled, (m)