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Plate Loading over Central Rectangular Area

Flat Rectangular Plate Uniform Loading over Central Rectangular Area Stress Equation and Calculator.

NOTATION: The notation applies with the following modifications: a and b refer to plate dimensions, and when used as subscripts for stress, they refer to the stresses in directions parallel to the sides a and b, respectively. s is a bending stress which is positive when tensile on the bottom and compressive on the top if loadings are considered vertically downward.

Preview: Flat Rectangular Plate Stress and Deflection Load Applied at Center Calculator

Flat Rectangular Plate with All Edges Simply Supported

Stress at Center
Stress at Center

Where Total Force/Load Applied:

Symbols used:
W = Total applied load or force (N, lbs)
v = Poisson’s ratio (assumed to be 0.3)
t = plate thickness, (m, in)
a = plate length, (m, in)
b = plate width, (m, in)
a1 = plate length, (m, in)
b1 = plate width, (m, in)
σ max = maximum stress, (N/m2, lbs/in2)

Tables for β

Tables for ß

Tables for ß

Tables for ß


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