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Flat Spring Supported Both Ends Equations and Calculator

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Flat spring design equations and calculator: This spring is often used to overcome operating space limitations in various products such as electric switches and relays. The equations are based on standard beam formulas where the deflection is small.

Flat spring supported on both ends design equations and calculator.

Flat spring suported on both ends


eq. 1
F = P L3 / 4 E b t3

eq. 2
F = Sb L2 / 6 E t


eq. 3
P = 2 Sb b t2 / 3 L

eq. 4
P = 4 E b t3 F / L3

Stress, Bending:

eq. 5
Sb = 3 P L / 2 b t^2

eq. 6
Sb = 6 E t F / L2

Thickness, Spring:

eq. 7
t = Sb L2 / 6 E F


t = Thickness, Spring


P = Load, (lbs),
L = Active length subject to deflection (inches),
b = Widest width of spring (in),
E = Modulus of Elasticity in Tension, (lbs/in2),
t = Thickness, (in),
Sb = Stress, bending (lbs/in2),
F - Deflection, for on active section (in)