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Fixed-Pinned Cantilever Beam Design Calculator

Beam Deflection & Stress Calculators and Equations

Designing a Fixed-Pinned Cantilever Beam                
Given Values    
Modulus E= psi
Required vertical deflection b= in
Input force angle (vertical) phi= rad deg
Gamma (char. radius factor) gamma= n/a
Stiffness coefficient K_theta= n/a
Angle coefficient c_theta= n/a
Design Variables     Lower Bound   Upper Bound  
Out-of-plane thickness t= in 0.5 in
3 in
Beam length L= in 15 in
20 in
Flexible segment in-plane thickness h= in in mm in mm
Analysis Functions    
Area moment of Inertia I= in^4
Torsional spring constant K= in*lb/rad
PRB angle cap_theta= rad
Horizontal position a= in
Horizontal deflection delta= in
Applied vertical force F= lb
Maximum stress sigma= psi
Beam end angle theta= rad
Fig 5