Beam Stress and Deflection Equations Calculator Supported on Both Ends With Overhanging Supports of equal Length and Uniform Loading

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Beam Bending Equations for Calculator

This calculator will determine the stress, deflections, area moment of inertia, and section modulus for a Beam Supported on Both Ends with overhanging supports of equal length and uniform loading.

Beam Deflection and Stress Equations Calculator
Design Variables
Modulus of Elasticity lbs/in2 (N/mm2) E =
Moment of Inertia in4 (mm4) I =
Load lbs (N) W =
Distance in. (mm) x =
Distance in. (mm) u =
Distance in. (mm) l =
Distance in. (mm) c =
Distance to neutral axis/plane in. (mm) z =
Length in. (mm) L =
Stress between nearest support point and outer end lbs/in2 (N/mm2) (s) =
Stress between the two supports lbs/in2 (N/mm2) s =
Stress at Loads Center lbs/in2 (N/mm2) s =
Stress at supports lbs/in2 (N/mm2) s =
Deflection between support point and outer end in. (mm) y =
Deflection between Supports in. (mm) y =
Deflection at Ends in. (mm) y =
Deflection at center in. (mm) y =
Section Modulus in3 (mm3) Z =

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