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Beam Stress Deflection Equations / Calculator with Fixed Ends Tapering Loading

Structural Beam Deflection, Shear and Stress Equations and calculator for a Beam supported One End Cantilevered with Reversed Tapered Load.

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Reaction and Shear Equation

Reaction and Shear Equation

Bending Moments Equation

Bending Moments Equation

Deflection and End Slope Equation

Deflection and End Slope Equation


E = Modulus of Elasticity psi


I = Moment of Inertia in4 (mm4)
W = Load, Total lbf (N)
w = Unit Load lbs/in (N/mm)
y = Deflection inches (mm)
a, b, c, d, x, L = Some distance as indicated inches (mm)
n = Distance neutral axis inches (mm)
Vmax = Shear Load lbf (N)
Mmax = Moment lbs-in (N-mm)
θmax = Slope Angle degree (radian)
σmax = Stress max. psi (N/mm2)
  • Deflections apply only to constant cross sections along entire length.


  • Boeing Design Manual, Rev G. 1994 BDM