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Design Equations of Belleville Washer Springs

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Design Equations of Belleville Washer Springs

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Open: Design Equations of Belleville Washer Springs

A theoretical study was made to obtain data to establish an analytical method for the design of Belleville washers for energy storage and to modify the conventional formulas to replace the dependent variables with the Independent or known values. These modified formulas were subsequently used to establish the stress reduction of a nested spring system and to determine an optimum stacking arrangement. A simplified and direct method for the design of washers for energy capacity was established. Final working stress Is proportional to the square root of the energy requirement, and Is Inversely proportional to the outside diameter and the square root of the solid height. The study further shows that the final stress Is at a minimum when the diameter ratio A = OD/ID equals 1.7. The one-parallel series of the stacking arrangements considered Is the most efficient for energy storage.

Detailed derivations are shown and results discussed.

Bellevile Washer


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Subject 1
Object I
Sumnsry of Conclusions 1
Introduction 2
Discussion of Analysis 2
Part I - Basic Assumptions and Derivation of Design 2
Part II - Comparison of a Single Spring with a Nested Arrangement 7
Part III - Comparison of a One-Parallel Series with a Two-Parallel Series and a Three-Parallel Series 10
General Remarks and Useful Formulas 13
Conclusions and Recommendations 14
Appendix A - Illustrations 16
Appendix B - Reference 23
Appendix C - Distribution 24