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Engineers Edge is a leading vertical engineering solutions publishing company serving a broad engineering audience. The Engineers Edge web site is designed as a solutions rich resource for engineering professionals. As a solutions resource, Engineers Edge attracts professionals whom are looking to solve an active engineering, design and/or manufacturing challenge. These challenges almost ALLWAYS include purchased products and services that will be required to produce and deliver an end item product.

Imagine your product or service being conceptualized and ultimately designed into a new high production product. Engineers and designers are also actively procuring replacement or upgrade components, assemblies, software, test equipment, manufacturing services, OEM products, and other products or services to satisfy an engineering product requirement.

Advertising on Engineers Edge ensures that your company is considered by the decision makers during the specification phase of a products lifecycle - the design and engineering phase.

The Engineers Edge web site provides its engineering users with a broad range of engineering solutions in the form of more than 150,000 technical documents including; engineering and design articles, reference charts, online tools and calculators, product and services companies directory and other mediums.

Engineers Edge web site traffic has consistently grown every month since inception as more engineers, designers and manufacturing professionals discover the our resource.

Engineers Edge offers a competitive array of services and mediums for marketers seeking product or services exposure to domestic and international engineering professionals.

Engineers Edge was established in the year 2000 and has strived to provide real world solutions for engineering, design and manufacturing professionals.

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