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Improving Fan System Performance

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Open: Improving Fan System Performance

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction to Fan Systems
  • Fan Selection
  • Fan Noise
  • Rotational Speed
  • Airstream Characteristics
  • Temperature Range
  • Variations in Operating Conditions
  • Space Requirements
  • Fan Performance Curves
  • Efficiency Point
  • Region of Instability
  • Fan Startup
  • System Effect and Equation
  • Fan System Components
  • Ductwork and Fans
  • Air Conditioning and Process Equipment (Filters, Heat Exchangers, etc.)
  • Assessing Fan System Needs
  • Fan Types
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Common Fan System Problems
  • Indications of Oversized Fans
  • System Leaks
  • Configurations to Improve Fan System Efficiency
  • Controlling Fans with Variable Loads
  • Fan Drive Options
  • Multiple-Fan Arrangements
  • Fan System Economics
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