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Artificial Intelligence Research Handbook

Engineering Applications and Design

Applications-Oriented Artificial Intelligence Research: Science and Mathematics.

Computer Science Engineering Department
School of Humanities and Sciences
Stanford University

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Artificial Intelligence Research Handbook

Those of us involved in the creation of the Handbook of Artificial Intelligence, both writers and editors, have attempted to make the concepts, methods, tools, and main results of artificial intelligence research accessible to a broad scientific and engineering audience. Currently, AI work is familiar mainly to its practicing specialists and other interested computer scientist. Yet the field is of growing interdisciplinary interest and practical importance. With this book we are trying to build bridges that are easily crossed by engineers, scientists in other fields, and our own computer science colleagues. In the Handbook we intend to cover the breadth and depth of AI, presenting general overviews of the scientific issues, as well as detailed discussions of particular techniques and important AI systems. The Handbook contains several different types of articles. Key AI ideas and techniques are described in core articles (e.g, basic concepts in heuristic search semantic nets). Important individual AI programs (e.g., SHRDLU) are described in separate articles that indicate, among other things, the designer's goal, the techniques employed, and the reasons why the program is important. Overview articles discuss the problems and approaches in each major area. The overview articles should be particularly useful to those who seek a summary of the underlying issues that motivate AI research.


Table of Content* A. Overview. 1
B. TEIRESIAS--Issues In Expert System Design. 7
C. Applications In Chemistry. 19
1. Chemical Analysis . 19
2. The DENDRAL Programs. 22
a. DENDRAL. 22
b. CONGEN and Its Extensions. 26
c. Meta-DENDRAL. 31
4. Organic Synthesis . 48
D. Applications In Mathematics. 56
1. AM. 56
2. MACSYMA. 69
E. Other Scientific Applications . 75
1. The SRI Computer-based Consultant. 75
References. 87
Index. 97